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  1. Daya - "New" | out 10/12

    This is so good. Blasting this and Wolves on repeat Yes yes yes!
  2. Daya - "New" | out 10/12

    New song from Daya this Thursday:
  3. is ATRL over?

    Where is the proof of this?
  4. List reasons why you love COP

    The emotes
  5. Truly Undeserving, katy deserved this success more than Taylor
  6. More Friends: COP or Real Life

    Neither probably

    25 by Adele
  8. Fifth harmony name change

    They ain't 5 girls now
  9. Should I make an account on flop site WOP

    This is Mean really
  10. Fifth harmony name change

    What should theyre name be now?
  11. Verizon Limits Video to 720p For All Smartphone Customers

    I'm sick of Verizon, id rather have a tracphone, it's cheaper but idk about the service you'd get.
  12. Would you eat this

    Yeah for the bacon
  13. I'll make GIFs for you

    That works! if you can just get the head bop too that would be great too