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  1. Bebe Rexha

    We love legends
  2. Happy Birthday Demi Lovato

    Happy 25th Birthday to Grammy nominated and platinum selling recording artist Demi Lovato
  3. Jessie J | Real Deal |Lyric Video out NOW!

    This has grown on me ngl but the bridge is still trash.
  4. Battlegrounds | Randomosity

    So, you don't stan Selena anymore?
  5. Tinashe

    I played it all the time when it first came out and it still gives me life today Also, I saw some of her stans using the term Afternoonride and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the name of her next release since this is still the "Joyride" era
  6. Tinashe

    Nightride was released like nine months ago Can she at least release Afternoonride or some shit soon?
  7. Your favs most iconic songs

    Moment 4 Life Super Bass Starships Pound The Alarm Anaconda Only Truffle Butter Features: Side To Side, Bang Bang, Bottoms Up, Dance (A$$), Down In The DM, Bedrock, My Chick Bad, Monster, Turn Me On, Beauty and a Beat, Hey Mama
  8. 2017 COP VMAs | VOTE NOW

    Most categories have around 30-50 voters and about 40-60 votes so thank you to everyone that's already voted so far For those of you that haven't, the polls will all be locked almost exactly six days from now. If you haven't voted yet, make sure you go to the pinned post and vote for each. Just remember that a vote for Side To Side or Nicki in general is the right vote
  9. MAJORITY RULES | Season 1: Round 2 coming soon

    Then we'll all know you cheated and the person Under You.mp3 is the real winner
  10. MAJORITY RULES | Season 1: Round 2 coming soon

    How can you even cheat when hosting this game? Pretend people had different answers?
  11. MAJORITY RULES | Season 1: Round 2 coming soon

    Do any of y'all wanna host it then?
  12. Album listening parties: APPLY NOW

    Changed It.mp3
  13. Anyone who stans Jake Paul/Team 10

    I'm a weird mix between freaked out and thankful
  14. Anyone who stans Jake Paul/Team 10

    Well, I'd expect that when my competition is a ten year old boy