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  1. GN COP :hay: Bad Mood is coming. :hay:

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    2. Ms. Knee

      Ms. Knee


    3. The Boy

      The Boy

      Goodnight. I'll be streaming the entire Younger Now album each day this week in your honor :puppet:

    4. life13swift


      Good night hope you feel better

  2. Random Thoughts

    I'll be taking a short break from COP I don't wanna keep bothering you with my emo posts I just need 1 week to get my shit together
  3. Has streaming ruined the industry?

    there's nothing wrong with this thread
  4. Male Crushes Thread

    You have taste
  5. Taylor Swift and P!nk, Rihanna hasn't released a new song, I think
  6. HDD: P!nk 360k-385k SPS; pure: 340k-370k

    It's what she deserves
  7. Miley Cyrus

    It's being announced as the 3rd single next week It all points to Bad Mood.
  8. Miley Cyrus

    Bad Mood is the next single