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  1. Who has the best and worst stanbase on COP?

    I'll hide them
  2. Random Thoughts

    Men are garbage we been knew
  3. Random Thoughts

    Me What happenedT
  4. P!nk to appear on WWHL on Thursday

    I can't wait his show and the games are so fun and entertaining I'm PerchT for this
  5. Random Thoughts

    Seeing people post all these pics of Katys latest date on her tour she deserves better
  6. Would you date someone who smokes weed?

    As long as they're not constantly smoking especially near me I don't tolerate that
  7. Yeah guys let's not continue this
  8. hello bitches

    This gif always ends me
  9. Mess this is why I've never admitted I stan P!nk IRL
  10. hello bitches

    Welcome to COP I love everyone on your stan list except troye
  11. Random Thoughts

    I'm depressed
  12. Teen Titans (Tv show)

    AHFAHFAKHAHFUPOADFHAA Iconic OT: this was one of the best CN shows Beast Boy was my fav by far

    @Dangerous Woman P!nk - Who Knew