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  1. Lana Del Rey

    Wtf? that sucks
  2. Lana Del Rey

    I usually just go there for the charli xcx thread now
  3. I have a COP clone. When will your faves?

    Honestly she can keep downvoting everything I post, I literally don't care at all about downvotes + I will still silence her if she posts something problematic
  4. COP Event Calendar

    Sandcastles has been pretty inactive for a while now, are we going to do anything about that?
  5. 5H's 'Angel' Debuts at #1 . OMG

    I saw lauren freaked out over this on twitter, she probably thought it was a a big deal
  6. Little Mix ft. CNCO | Reggaeton Lento Remix | August 18, 2017

    isn't it cnco ft. little mix?
  7. Favourite members on COP (so far)?

    thanks legend
  8. lana is coming for lizorde's wig
  9. I'm Back

    you've never seen me or homojenik?
  10. I'm Back

    We love a legend
  11. 5H or Harry

    hopefully none, fifth harmony's video was trash and the harry video was decent
  12. Who's Your Fav?

    Keep it cute guys, drags are for the battlegrounds
  13. Céline Dion

    @VIP Verified ^
  14. Céline Dion

    @Members @VIP Celine Dion listening party to her album The Colour Of My Love will begin in less than 2 hours and a half at the following times: Time: (7 PM EST) ~ (6 PM CT) ~ (5 PM MT) ~ (4 PM PT) ~ (11 PM GMT)