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  1. Your favs most iconic songs

    You Belong With Me Love Story We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together I Knew You Were Trouble Shake It Off Blank Space Bad Blood
  2. MAJORITY RULES | Season 1: Round 2 coming soon

    It isn't our game though... I'm sure we can take turns hosting if @TeamCardiB is busy or whatever.
  3. MAJORITY RULES | Season 1: Round 2 coming soon

    @TeamCardiB I think we've all been waiting for round 2. We can't let this flop.
  4. Someone save them

    This is tragic. Hopefully when they grow up they'll realise how stupid they were.
  5. Are you jealous of Taylor ?

    Am I jealous of famous musicians because they are successful? Yes. Is it just Taylor in particular? No. Unless you're a douche like Chris Brown who I'd never ever want to be like I'm gonna be somewhat jealous of them.
  6. Taylor Swift

    I love this album. Her best country album IMO. I love Back To December, Mean, Story Of Us, Long Live, Enchanted, Better Than Revenge and my fave from the album Sparks Fly. Also the deluxe edition has tracks just as good with Ours, Superman and If This Was A Movie. Taylor is the queen of deluxe tracks tbh.
  7. Best song on Dangerous Woman

    Into You
  8. Daria was, and is, sooooo real that it's scary!

    I love this show! One of my favourite shows ever.
  9. New Rules is number one in the UK!!! Lets see where else this song dominates!!!


  10. Jake Paul Surpasses 10 Million Subs On Youtube..

    Some people like trash. It is an unfortunate truth.
  11. #jakepaulisoverparty

    I want to be invited to this party and I will party all night long.
  12. Taylor Swift

    Are you guys hoping her social medias changing means a new era is coming? I hope so! I want to experience listening to a Taylor album for the first time again!
  13. Taylor blacks out social media; new era incoming

    I really hope it is something. We've been waiting long enough.
  14. Riverdale

    I used to watch every Friday night on Netflix! I was literally excited and anticipating all the twists and surprises. Can't wait for season 2.