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  1. With that annoying ass voice? No.
  2. I read somewhere that Iggy is looking for a new recording contract/label.
  3. P!nk to receive VMA 2017 Video Vanguard Award

    She'll still get the award. I honestly can't name a video by her that's actually bad.
  4. I always see it as there are bad vocalists, good vocalists, and impressive vocalists (power vocalists being a subcategory of this) ex. (with ex acts because there's one of each): Bad - Selena Good - Miley Impressive - Ariana • Power - Demi
  5. Best non-singles of your fave

    You better stan Man on the Moon
  6. Rainbow vs. Rainbow!

    You all need to put some respect on Mariah's name She did that with Rainbow.
  7. Best non-singles of your fave

    Mariah Carey: • All In Your Mind • So Blessed • You're So Cold • Melt Away • Fourth of July • Bliss • Didn't Mean to Turn You On • Migrate • It's a Wrap • Make It Look Good
  8. Why didn't Selena Gomez make this a single?

    I don't like Selena that much, but Revival is one of the best pop albums in recent memory
  9. Why didn't Selena Gomez make this a single?

    I can name like five album tracks from that album that are better than all the singles
  10. It's Top Five on iTunes and the official charts. Plus it's #1 on U.K. Spotify. She did that
  11. I stan Britney, but I have honestly never really gotten into Madonna and even I know she's the queen.
  12. MEGARATE: Sign-Ups

    She has her album #1 to Infinity which has her 18 #1's and one new song but I'd gladly make it just #1's to speed up the process by making it an "other"