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  1. Packing to move back to school :( pray for me

    1. Narcotic


      :praisejesus2: everything's gonna be fine!!

    2. kipperskipper
  2. Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj | Swish Swish | Music Video | August 20

    she ruined swish swish by rush releasing it after Bomb crapetite
  3. Taylor Swift

    I never ever want to be summoned here. i am a CHRISTAN and i dont belong in this HELL
  4. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    Episode 7: Happy Ru Year! Codragulations to the 8 of you! Also Kissa Biscuit @Narcotic on winning your first challenge and BadGalRiRi @The Roof on being a lip syncing assassin! I think we should celebrate! Category is...Happy HoliGAYs! So party people, its time to party! But what you are celebrating is up to you! Are you a Halloween queen? Or more of a Valentines Day Gay? For this challenge, queens must give their most fashionable holiday inspired outfit! If the holiday you choose is something that not everyone celebrates, please describe the holiday and why your look represents it! Also, send me a description of your outfit, like what are you serving, why you chose it etc. Players must pm me their runway look so the judges and I can score you! If you have any questions in regards to the category or need help, please pm me! Well I have to go celebrate with the pit crew if you know what I mean. Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win! The Lip Sync For Your Life song is: Madonna Holiday Start thinking ahead for a performance, just in case you are in the bottom 2! When you are done writing it, send it ASAP! @P!nk @KarenFromFinance @The Roof @Nacht @life13swift @Narcotic @Ms. Knee @Cyrus @Jenna @CUZiCAN
  5. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    Elimination! Ladies, I've made my decision. BadGalRiRi @The Roof Amanda Lepore @life13swift: Condraguations ladies, and remember: "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else!" Can I get an Amen up in here? Now let the music play! P!nk @KarenFromFinance @The Roof @Nacht @life13swift @Ms. Knee @Cyrus @Jenna @CUZiCAN@Narcotic
  6. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    Lip Sync For Your Life! Two queens stand before me. Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a performance of "Can't Be Tamed" by Miley Cyrus. Ladies, this is your last chance to impress me, and save yourself from ELIMINATION! The time has come (cue thunder noise)...for you to lip sync... FOR YOUR LIFE!! Good luck, and DON'T fuck it up! @The RoofBadGalRiRi's Performance: BadGal starts the performance - smile on her face, arms outstretched, and ready to lip sync for her life.When Rihanna goes for the choreo and lipsinque – the only thing she knows is to SLAY. The goth/rock agressive inspired song revolves largely around breaking free of constraints and expectations, which I can highly relate to as a bitch that's always in the bottom 2. The song gives a major agressive goth vibe and that's what I'm giving tonight. RiRi opened the show in JUMPING to the stage. That's how you start a routine for this agressive song. The jumping, that started in the intro "For those who don't know me, I can get a bit crazy " which ironically speaks on me transitionig my mood and go all crazy for this routine, becuase of how agressive it is. I included upside down flips IN THE AIR, and as soon as I landed I started going IN for the routine. As the pre-chorus of "Can't Be Tamed" approaches (I go through guys like money flyin' out the hands) miley defintely starts snapping as she passionately speaks of how misunderstood she feels and how upset that makes her, RiRi knows she needs to bring the same fire action spirit to the stage, as she starts a madder dance routine and with the upset facial expressions needed to nail the pre chorus' vibe. Ri veered from the almost slapstick risqué of the pre-chorus to the bubblegum-rock chorus. The connective tissue was a backdrop of brooding rock-goth that pushed her dancing ability into the foreground. The chorus starts, and it brings the sparks with him. Miley goes off during the chorus in passion - and Rihanna is intending to do the same. Speaking of sparks and fireworks... It's time for Rih to bring out the trick she had up her sleeve. The chorus starts, and as glitter starts bursting out through in synchronized motion with the song and Rihanna's dancing, Rihanna starts lip syncing for her LIFE and doesn't feel any mercy as she goes off for her place. Rih was never less than fascinating, swaying expressively through and grinning fiercely through the entire chorus with the huge glitter scene around her. As the crowd is still in awe, Rihanna continues through the second house, and starts her provocative battle cry of sexual ferocity that defines the second verse, in the rocknroll way she knew.As Baddie was headed for the second chorus, she delivered full-strength shots of sass and escapism on her way to unveil the second surprise.The second chorus starts and Rih pulls out her high heel boots, points them forward, and they start shooting GLITTER! the bottom of the shoes has a built in system that allows them to shoot whole packs of glitter out of them - another concept invented by Baddie.Rihanna continues to perform the rest of the performance, and ends it with a final glitter stunt, along with a sassy split she does as the beat ends."Powerful," "fulfilling," "heart-wrenching," 'motivational," "magical", "intoxicating," "thrilling,” "moving," "raw," "iconic," and “inspiring” are some of the words audience members screamed at the end of the performance to describe RiRi's performance in the messages that pour from individuals who profess that they have been forever changed by BadGal’s lip-syncing, charisma, performance ability and presence. There is something in her that is so refreshing, yet timeless; BadGalRiRi is one of the queens the words the world is thirsty for. @life13swift Amanda Lepore's Performance: As the song starts I'm strutting down the catwalk like its great to show off my moves to a animal song like cant be tamed. I'm moving up and forward like "Up a Mafia bitch, after them 24 hours I'm always hot like that". "Cause I got mad attention from men that put me under their inspection" Buy another one out of my pocket Can't be tamed, can't be tamed, definitely showing it all I got. Won't be Jaded or Jagged in anyway. Moving side to side Giving a show to watch Hope yall enjoyed it ladies whoop P!nk @KarenFromFinance @The Roof @Nacht @life13swift @Narcotic @Ms. Knee @fenty @Cyrus @Jenna
  7. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    I have decided on the next challenge! Pm me if you want it !
  8. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    Ok noted!
  9. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    good idea!
  10. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    Omg we wish you could stay! I understand tho. Life comes first! We enjoyed having you as a judge and u will always be my Michelle Visage to my Ru!
  11. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    1. Kissa Biscuit: 159.5 2.Acrobitch: 154.5 3. Lady Jean: 151 4. Rapunzel:145 5. Tatianna: 143.5 6. Karen From Finance: 142.5 7. Manuela 139.5 8. Amanda Lepore: 122.5 9. BadGalRiRi: 119.5
  12. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    nnnnn i submitted it prematurely but its fixed!
  13. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

  14. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    omg i forgot to fix the placements for the total!