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  1. Whoa were passed 7000 total topics :trisha: forum impact lovely ppl

  2. Best Erotic Tv Shows or Films

    Yea haha lol. But thank you for correcting and telling me
  3. Awkward (MTV)

    Gonna bump this thread up. Do you guys like this show? Is it still ongoing?
  4. worst performances from your faves?

    @Lemons Hun i merged your thread with this one :)
  5. Young Justice

    Okay I found out on wiki the 3rd season is out soon. Its still in production, its only little finished. I believe we wait til 2018
  6. Ravens Home Theme Song

    Truee they have new episode soon where they both have vision at same time which looks cool to see lol
  7. Best Erotic Tv Shows or Films

    Oh ok whats it called?
  8. Teen Titans (Tv show)

    Yess very relatable. Love her
  9. The Great Gatsby

    Omg yaya then I hope you enjoy the film soon
  10. Taylor has been outselling Beyonce since she debuted. Why?

    She even says and shows it on her bicycle saying ride on the D and make me "blank" quick (I'll let them fill in the blank). Idk Taylor is ofc a better writer and um Bad blood is assumed to be about her just by the media and you cant believe everything u see on the news right? thats our queen
  11. Is Lady Gaga pretty?

    Oh let me say it, mhm thoughts ? Better than Kylie J fillers? Now thats good Tea and Gaga in one
  12. Taylor has been outselling Beyonce since she debuted. Why?

    Well she stans both so ofc lol
  13. The Great Gatsby

    Yep they remade it with Leonardo decaprio as Gatsby Well I agreed with @Maren Swift and @LegendaryWitness that its better originally (as much I love leo it went thru very quickk unlike original which is in more detail
  14. Nintendo Base

    @DREAMPOP see you have 2 more people lol I played only mario in bowsers stomach once back in high school I think (on my ds ofc)