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  1. Beyoncé shit is outdated as fuck ain't no way in hell she that low even billboard confirmed she sold over 46m singles in this was before lemonade
  2. Anti - Best-Selling Era of 2016

    Best selling/stream era of 2016 ..... She did that
  3. A message to beyonce

    Actually that is part of dancing in our culture we do that Us African love to shake our ass
  4. Why do you think Beyoncé can't go diamond ?

    Idk but she not the only one pink Gaga rihanna Katy Taylor Alicia keys and many others don't have one but sometimes it having a diamond album isn't good u kno y because some artist completely fall off barely selling 200k in there not even 40 years old and not about how good or bad the music is it has to appeal to old young black white Asia different people ....also promotion and having a regular price album lemonade was 18$ also I honestly didn't expect lemonade to sell that much like it did when i first heard it i already know what most people was going to say 🤷🏾‍♂️ This album is too diffferent Gp is not buying this album but it sold 1.7m for 18$ minor promo ....... she probably won't never get a diamond but I personal don't care as long as she still selling for more years to come that more important than any diamond cerf
  5. Unpopular Opinions

    Opinions can be wrong 🤷🏾‍♂️ ..... top people y'all call overrated but they actually are super talented and don't derseve to be called that Adele Taylor Beyoncé rihanna I see y'all call them overrated more than Selena Gomez which is sad that what u called overrated that word is being used towards the wrong people I'm not a fan of Taylor at all but she not overrated she write music she can sing a little Adele can write music she also can really sing rihanna she can dress .....very cute girl .....Beyoncé without a doubt best performer of our time singer dancer producer ....songwriter 🤦🏾‍♀️ For I know she has written songs by herself but most of those songs was in D.C. Also Selena can't sing
  6. Why Is Beyonce Doing This

    Y are y'all comparing her to what every artist does she talk about how she want to be different and she going to take more risks and how is not promoting or doing interview make her think she God ? She so nice and humble and she said time after time she is shy she just love to perform and this also allow her to become a mystery being private is good in the public eye y'all want her to go on tv and talk about her life and also y do the people that don't like Beyoncé worried about y she don't do this or that 😐 Beyoncé knows her fans understand I swear the people who swear she not all that be worried about what she does and worrriwd about the Beyhive when they understand her more than u will be able too She no God and yall hoes kill me. With her fans treat her like God like every fanbase basically do the same thing but I guess since it Beyoncé it a problem 🙃 Maybe it a Good thing she get both fans and haters / underfans to talk about her 🤑 Lmao I'm done going off i love u guys 😘
  7. Streaming is making artists flop

    I bought all of Beyoncé albums and I have rihanna anti album and Adele 25 album I support my fav and I stream there music all the time but Beyoncé is really not going to be getting new certification because she Hasn't update non of her sales I hate the fact that other artist have songs that haven't sold 200k certified platinum .......streams are the future but this is complete destroy other artist legacy we have songs that haven't sold 2m certified 9x platinum that what I don't like if it sold at least 5 to 8m I would be like okay cool they close enough but this is crazy how they have it now
  8. Did Beyonce Buy VMAs?

    @Fifth Harmony no just random people 😅 Beyhive and random people
  9. Rihanna ~ The Receipts [Cancelled]

    Omg I love u for this
  10. Beyoncé | Receipts

    I am sasha F sold over 500k in Brazil
  11. Did Beyonce Buy VMAs?

    What's what streaming deals there aren't nun .....
  12. Did Beyonce Buy VMAs?

    She still haven't bought album of the year at the Grammys and cause Kanye said that don't make it true ......and how do see how it wasn't that popular considering how it was played at the Super Bowl in had huge Controversy and I seen people dance to the songs at proms wedding etc all over Facebook