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  1. Too any of my mutuals who didn't join the lp, expect battleground threads of your faves >:(! It was a great album and hopefully y'all will be there for 1989 or Red

    1. P!nk


      I'm glad P!nk is safe :) 

      But I don't think she would be relevant enough for you to have done one anyway :interesting:

    2. badgallaura


      I wanted to join, hoping it would be as good as Fearless, but I'm trynna re-install Photoshop so maybe the next TS album :hay:.

    3. life13swift


      I didnt get to go cause I was doing things. Eating and talked with frnd on phone. Glad u enjoyed the album

  2. Taylor Swift

    I'm glad y'all stayed and listened to this master piece. Speak Now should have won best country album tbh! Favorite songs were Enchanted, Innocent, and Haunted. Every song on this album was at least a 6/10, but lyrically this album was a 10/10. @HAIM @DREAMPOP @P!nk
  3. Taylor Swift

    an 8/10 don't have much to say, a good ending song.
  4. Taylor Swift

    7/10, probably one of the best lyrically "So I'll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep"
  5. Do you think Selena Gomez is going to last ?

    Of course she will! Let's ask the important questions like "Will Mooriah last an hour without a glass of champagne?" or "Will Cowrey finally stop being lazy and actually deliver a good performance this decade?"
  6. Taylor Swift

    Haunted was a 10/10 I'm getting tired, but 2 more songs! Starting Last Kiss
  7. Taylor Swift

    I love when she has a rock influence in her songs and I want that in TS6, this song is amazing
  8. Taylor Swift

    Innocent is a 10/10 and is so good. It's forgiving him and empathizing with Kanye, I just love the backing vocals! and she's only performed this once live at the next VMA "32 and still growing up now"
  9. Taylor Swift

    Innocent is about the Kanye VMA thing and is literally my favorite song
  10. Taylor Swift

    A 9/10 because I like the rock tone and lyrics "She's better known for the things she does on the mattress". This song was about the girl that Joe Jonas cheated on her with.
  11. Taylor Swift

    Better Than Revenge is very different from a Taylor song and will throw yall off
  12. Taylor Swift

    Enchanted, 10/10, "Please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you". This song is about the singer from Owl City, she had a crush on him but wasn't able to tell him when they met so she wrote him a song and he did a cover of the same song as a reply to her with some changed lyrics
  13. Taylor Swift

    Enchanted is literally a 10/10 the chorus will end you guys
  14. Taylor Swift

    In this album it's songs like Enchanted, Haunted, and Innocent, which are also my favorites. Never Grow Up was a 6/10, repetitive, but good lyrics
  15. Taylor Swift

    The Story of Us, 8/10, I love the prechorus in this is it's so good and I love the next chapter part, but it sounds too early 2000s. "And the story of us looks a lot like a tragedy now" Starting Never Grow Up