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  1. New: ZERO Charts for Last.fm

    Artists Albums Tracks
  2. I have this song on repeat today.


    1. Kylie Minogue

      Kylie Minogue



  3. New: ZERO Charts for Last.fm

    Artists Albums Tracks
  4. Does Your Fave Have A "Holy Trinity" of albums???

    For me, Michael's trinity is... Off The Wall - a milestone in Michael's career; let people know he wasn't Little Michael of the Jackson 5 anymore; Thriller - revolutionized the industry with its fusion of funk, disco, soul, rock, and R&B; HIStory - it was his autobiography; telling about his anger and frustrations with racism and the media; showing how isolated he felt in a time when the world was truly against him.
  5. Brisa caliente 
    la que sale de tu caminar. 
    Y en tu piel parece continuar 
    despertando muy dentro de mi, el amor.

  6. Unknown singers you stan?

    Susumu Hirasawa.
  7. Hejira by Joni Mitchell (1976).
  8. The CD Collectors Thread!

    My latest additions: Actor by St. Vincent Kicker by Zella Day
  9. Which new girl deserves stardom the most?

    Dua Lipa and Allie X.