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  1. Wig Omg you are section moderator <3

    Congratz :excited:


  2. Who has the best and worst stanbase on COP?

    Did I ever mention your avatar leaves me staring at her every time you post? I can feel that SOUL
  3. Yeah I agree. K peace.

  4. Life is good. How about you? Same.


  6. Is Mariah the most relevant 90s legend?

    Sure, but I did buy magazines.... not newspapers cuz that's mostly politics and I don't need my blood to rile up from the ton of bullshit politics endorse .
  7. Is Mariah the most relevant 90s legend?

    There are no limitations but I don't think the topic of celebrities is something extensively discussed besides when I'm talking to my girl friends online for giggles or in the Staniverse, and even my GFs aren't jumping around the corner to buy music. Those are the particular groups the international celebrity media focuses on. Aside from that, it's local celebrities that get the bigger talk between housewives lmao .
  8. Sell me candy. Sell me love. Sell me doves.

  9. Who has the best and worst stanbase on COP?

    Tbh I came from Twitter disliking Selenators and I came here to find the same ol spiteful/negative comments and love for negativity with the exception of a few .
  10. Is Mariah the most relevant 90s legend?

    Stans are obviously more than 10% duh. What does that have to do with this anyways? Talking about a celebrity for a minute doesn't mean that person will jump from the window to buy their single because they're in awe. It would be a normal short conversation that took place.
  11. Is Mariah the most relevant 90s legend?

    Yes of course. I never said only stans do; it's just on a much smaller spectrum.
  12. Is Mariah the most relevant 90s legend?

    Essays are the way to go ! She's not relevant because people are not talking about her or streaming her music? Correct. That's what defines an artist's importance tbh; their music reaching the world. She's gonna flop because I don't hear people talking about her music? Nope. I said people aren't talking about her because she isn't as relevant, and the single flopping is a mere consequence of being an artist that isn't as relevant anymore. I don't hear people talking about her so she's not relevant? Nope. I only said "people don't go to her tours because she's the talk of the town". Celebrities being spoken of IRL don't last for a long time when talking in day to day convos, only with some people; it's only common sense not to mention someone who's not as relevant anymore in convos nevertheless. Besides, those are valid points, so of course I'd repeat them as they're the main point of the discussion and the base of my argument .
  13. Is Mariah the most relevant 90s legend?

    No, I said her next single is likely (not surely) to flop because of the reasons I listed on why she and many others aren't relevant anymore.