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  1. Are you jealous of Taylor ?

    Am I jealous of the huge fortune she has? Obviously. Who wouldn't be? Am I jealous of anything else? Not really.
  2. Total Drama Island [Simulator]

    Second to Kylie? I'm happy with that result
  3. Request EMOTES Here (New process)

    Hi, my name is Adam and I endorse the addition of this emote to Church Of Pop.
  4. Song Phase

    ... I don't get it What's the point of this thread?
  5. Would you rather be an 80s popstar or a popstar today ?

    Today and purely because it's easier to do different genres. You can change genres all the time and your core fanbase don't abandon you for changing.
  6. Everything's mostly R&B but the first album is more pop, and she a couple of pop-rock songs (like Disaster) and some dance (Good Thing., When Love Hurts)
  7. Alexandra Burke | AB3 | TBA

    I'm praying this will be about her third album, but I can't help but think it's probably an acoustic cover for her youtube channel
  8. Does your fav follow you on social media?

    Yes Shania had tweeted/liked a few tweets beforehand so I was happy enough but then one morning, I woke up to "@shaniatwain followed you back!" and I nearly fell out of bed screaming. I went into one of my twitter gcs screaming about it, I came on here screaming, I was messaging my friend screaming. I was so shook. I'm one of like 6 fans she follows btw Everyone else she follows are celebrities/radio stations/tv shows.
  9. Big Brother: X Edition

    1. 2 Hearts - Cyrus2. Like A Drug - Jenna3. Like A Drug - Adam4.
  10. So what you're saying is you prefer popularity over credibility? That's kinda tragic, is it not?