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  1. Right. I do like single player, cause I can scream and shout at my TV however multiplayer is my preference as I can shout at people and get a reaction, which you can't get in single player.
  2. Happy Birthday @Adam!

    Thanking y'all again
  3. Happy Birthday @Adam!

    Thanks everyone
  4. What a fucking awful album cover... They'd have been better just using the photo where you can only see the eyes.
  5. CAL: Discussion Thread

    It's just after 3am in Australia so you might need to wait another 4/5 hours.
  6. CAL: Discussion Thread

    Why are y'all so messy omg Getting your artists into fights with anyone and everyone
  7. Kylie | TBA | January 2018

    That was the plan but from what I gather, most of the material on the album is now going to be majorly made up of the tracks she recorded recently in Nashville - maybe the Sigala track made the cut though.
  8. Kylie | TBA | 2018

    Kylie's 14th studio album is due for release in 2018, with a tour following the release! She's been working on the album for around two years, taking breaks to work on/promote Kylie Christmas. In September 2015, she released a Kylie + Garibay EP which some thought to be an indication of where she was heading soundwise, but apparently not. She's been working in Nashville, and has scrapped some of the early material they thought would end up on the album for storytelling songs. They've also scrapped material that sounds "Kylie", which some thought was the downfall of 'Kiss Me Once' as it was Kylie-by-numbers. #KM14 is coming ladies
  9. Kylie | TBA | January 2018

    The lead single from Kylie's upcoming 14th studio album will be released in January! https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/4685463/australian-pop-legend-kylie-minogue-reveals-her-new-album-helped-with-split-from-fiance-joshua-sasse/ She's going to America to film the video in December, and will begin promotion for the single in the second week of January!
  10. HDD: P!nk 360k-385k SPS; pure: 340k-370k

    I can't wait for the Pink stans to get the barrage of "TOUR BUNDLE!!!11!!!11!" comments. Or did those only apply to Shania, since she blocked Demi from #1?
  11. HDD: #15 TMYLM #26 YN #28 Now

    It's been a tiring week
  12. If she does it... I hope it gives her recording career a boost.
  13. CAL: Discussion Thread

    This is already too messy for my liking I'm dropping out of the trial, see y'all when the actual game begins
  14. HDD: #15 TMYLM #26 YN #28 Now

    Considering it’s her third week and she doesn’t have streaming, I’d say #28 is a pretty good place to be. At least she didn’t nosedive out like Fifth Harmony