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  1. sis why don't you organize a listening party for Xtina :coma3: 

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    2. badgallaura


      Stripped will have us stripped

    3. Ray of Light

      Ray of Light

      TEA @badgallaura

      omfg I though the same what if Rumors make a LP for L*tus? :coma2: 

    4. badgallaura


      no lie, I like lotus. as a fan of an artist, you grow to like their albums.

  2. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    Thanks for having me, squirrel friend!
  3. Taking a break from here. See you guys soon 


    1. P!nk


      Where are you going? :wendy26:

      I hope you're back soon :wendy12:

    2. badgallaura


      Excellent gif usage

  4. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    Anyways, I'm gonna be taking a break from COP for a while. So take this as my resignation from the game, @kipperskipper.
  5. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    Yours and @Ms. Knee were the only ones I was gonna give a 10. but go off
  6. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    I have a lot on my plate today and can't rate.
  7. COP Drag Race: Season One [Official Thread]

    Bowing out of this round. Sorry everyone.
  8. Best Song on Glory

    Change your mind (No Seas Cortés) or Just Luv Me
  9. I'm done dealing with trolls, I'm gonna be more strict now in making sure everything is in its place :wendy24:

    I've gotten a few complaints about this place being toxic, so I'm gonna make it less for people.

  10. Best song on Confident

    Hiding the posts that are making this go off topic. Catch a WP if you guys are gonna be consistent in trolling outside of battlegrounds
  11. Best song on Dangerous Woman

    Title track says hello
  12. Gimme More | Britney Spears ft. Lil Kim Remix

    It was an official remix! Also, the best one. This one BOPS It's Britney, Bitch. And Lil' Kim Hoe! Kimme, Kimme More 'cause too much is not enough.
  13. Good luck booking that #9 spot u were talking about  :wendy24:


    I was being Rihanna to Ciara shady 


  14. WE LOVE A FUCKING LEGEND. Literally what I used to say in high school to people