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  1. Demi's Supergroup

    are you mad cause she didn't choose taylegend and selegend?
  2. 2017 COP VMAs | VOTE NOW

  3. Happy Birthday Demi Lovato

    happy birthday to my this amazing human
  4. Happy Birthday Demi Lovato

  5. Demi's Supergroup

    3 vocalists
  6. is your life a flop ???

  7. Total Drama Island [Simulator]

    i'd do it
  8. AG4 Will Have A Feminist/R&B Sound

    feminist sound?
  9. Total Drama Island [Simulator]

  10. Total Drama Island [Simulator]

    wait so it's not over yet?
  11. Pop girls/boys that will never happen

    and it's sad i was rooting for her. love myself was a bop and most girls is nice but Republic ruined her
  12. I wasn't even dragging her, I said my fave song was confident and someone went after AOTY for 2015

    1. tragicgabriel


      :eartha: you think AOTY of 2015 is Revival :eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha::eartha:

    2. bee


      It was a joke. Froot, Delirium, and Cry Baby were up there with it so it was split

    3. tragicgabriel


      Delirium and E•MO•TION were the best albums of 2015 and that's that on that.

  13. Best song on Dangerous Woman

    Touch it!
  14. Best song on Confident

    and I like how you and closeted Demi stan are, once again, dragging her in a thread about her