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  1. Bebe's livestreams are so funny 😭 

  2. Taylor Swift holds secret Reputation listening party for UK fans

    Can they leak some info, I wanna know if she has a song with Kesha
  3. Are Adele/Taylor/Rihanna/Beyonce/P!nk The Top Girls Right Now?

    Rihanna released Wild Thots a few months ago
  4. جابوا لي ماس ولولي قلت انا مارايده

    1. Who Shot Candy Warhol?

      Who Shot Candy Warhol?

      غريب الطبايع جماله بدايع بهالوصف ضايع

  5. Top 5 current female artist

    Ariana is definitely not in the top 5
  6. I'm never buying food from my school ever again. I've been sick for 3 days now

  7. I know forever don't exist but after this life I'll find you in the next

    1. Trainwreck


      Best song on the album :wendy22:

    2. Moebius


      @Trainwreck Spaceship is shaking :wendy22: 

  8. Did you ever do drugs?

  9. Chris Brown has 45 Songs on his new album

    That's like 4 albums in one
  10. Rumor: Taylor Swift is pregnant

    Who's the baby daddy?
  11. Fan throws black wig at Katy during WTT

    She needs to wear it asap
  12. I ate something bad yesterday and threw up. I feel so weak and tired

    1. life13swift


      Omg :( hope you feel better

    2. Who Shot Candy Warhol?

      Who Shot Candy Warhol?

      I'm getting better. Thank you❤️❤️❤️

    3. life13swift


      I'm glad to hear that. And no problem :)