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  1. #jakepaulisoverparty

    LMAO the only way ppl will pay attention to them.
  2. #jakepaulisoverparty

    let's get it trending ladies and gentlemen
  3. #jakepaulisoverparty

    these ______isoverparty's need to be over
  4. Jake Paul Surpasses 10 Million Subs On Youtube..

    "I think you can just dab on them haters" I've decided that I'm never having children after watching this, ever.
  5. Throwback: Girls Aloud shades PCD

    omg I'm so dead that's me with Ally from 5H
  6. omg he's embarassing this is a disgrace.
  7. What does your username mean?

    its your favorite color?
  8. how to resize youtube player on Safari

    asfgdhd I knew this was coming well if you're going to be picky then I guess you're just gonna have to deal with ugly looking threads but I agree it should be fixed. They're way too big.
  9. I know that the big youtube videos can be annoying so here's a way to make it smaller, but I think this method will only work for Safari browsers because I tried doing it on chrome and failed. Maybe someone who is more knowledgeable with this kind of stuff can eventually figure out how to do it on other browsers. Hope it works for one person at least LOL The Tutorial https://vid.me/DDYEB (buy Havana on iTunes)
  10. If pop girls were Pokemon. Accurate?

    thicc. yes the same hairstyle! let me update the OP thanks boo
  11. Camila Cabello

    StOP it's not the same
  12. If pop girls were Pokemon. Accurate?

    I wanted to find a Pokemon perfect for her but I couldn't
  13. Camila Cabello

    A bop! (testing)
  14. pop girls' last.fm artist pictures are being changed to Pokemon

    Thanks for the credit boo! Even though it wasn't my original idea