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    Tragic that this is even a thread
  2. La Roux

    The queen of Britpop
  3. Hey

    Yay another Aussie! Welcome!
  4. Stranger Things

    We all do sis, we all do
  5. P!nk and Eminem Collab soon?

    Doesn't matter what you think of him, Eminem is the definition of talented. Glad to see he's gonna still be releasing top quality rap because frankly the Rap/Hip-Hop scene of the past few years has been disgusting.
  6. how to resize youtube player on Safari

    Imagine using safari in 2017 tho
  7. Taylor blacks out social media; new era incoming

    She's been irrelevant on Social Media for ages
  8. HDD: Rainbow by Kesha top the charts debuting with 120k sales

    So deserved. This album is her best work yet
  9. Jake Paul Surpasses 10 Million Subs On Youtube..

    I just watched him on the H3 Podcast and he actually wasn't that bad. It's all an act in front of the camera
  10. just needs better production and shes good to go
  11. Her new stuff isn't actually awful like other kid stars right now, im surprised, the good sis mackenzie releasing bangers
  12. No one can forget this ICONIC bop. In the MackZ era but really impressed of where her career is now, glad she dropped the name - All the other girls have no chance, Mack is the best by far
  13. Miley Cyrus | Younger Now | August 18

    It's nice, i think i'll love it after a few more listens. Didn't grab me as quick as Malibu did but its a grower for sure