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    I'm BEYOND elated that so many of you guys have given me this much reputation points you don't even know! I love you all and I can't describe how hyped I am that I finally reached 5K reputation points smhdjhdjshd! I just want to say thank you to some of the best people in here: @SelenaFenty - @P!nk - @Britney Spears - @Ms. Knee - @life13swift - @justcatchmedemi - @FlorianLovato - @CUZiCAN - @Impossible Prince - @kipperskipper - @All Neon Like - @Nicki Minaj - @Dirkje - @Godney - @The Roof - @Moebius - @Bleh - @Sokka - @Nacht - @Cyrus - @Sonii - @CarlySlayJepsen - @Daphne Blake - @KarenFromFinance - @Kylie Minogue - @robi - @Rumors - @TheBritArmys - @Sempiternal - @IsThatSaraS - @BeyKnowles - @tragicgabriel - @fenty There are so many people I want to thank you don't even know, and I probably missed some people, but this just came off of the top of my head from some of my favorite members in here! I love you aaallll . SO happy for reaching this milestone.
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    Okay um let's seeeeeee my bff @The Roof my fav fossils @Ray of Light @KalliDonna @WhosThatBoy my plug.dj hos @Dirkje @IsThatSaraS @bee my other bff @Sempiternal my fellow monsters @Bloody Mary Returns @ACT2 @Moebius @CUZiCAN @P!nk etc, my old-COP friends @One Of A Kind @MARIAHSECRETLEAKS @Adam @Homojénik @Rumors @life13swift @Sokka and some random ones @Kylie Minogue @badgallaura @tragicgabriel @justcatchmedemi @Impossible Prince @Cyrus
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    Bitches, hoes, twinks, and gays of COP, I have finally made it... 1000 REPS OMFG YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO YOU, CASUALS AND FOLLOWERS ALIKE My thanks go to my BEAUTIFUL followers (especially that one hot guy I forgot his username and idk if he follows me but hay bby ) : @badgallaura @All Neon Like @AngryAzalean @Big Time Sensuality @Bloody Mary Returns @Cheryl @Cyrus @daydreamin @GhettoFabulous whos probably back to GGD now, mess @Jenna @justcatchmeari @KarenFromFinance one of my first followers @Kylie Minogue @lanadel @life13swift @Ms. Knee @Oh My Gaga @P!nk @robi @Rumors @Sempiternal @Sokka @The Roof @TheBritArmys People I don't follow cause I forgot : @ACT2 @kipperskipper @IsThatSaraS @CarlySlayJepsen @Bleh @bee @One Of A Kind But most important, I have to thank the guy who introduced me to this cult site, and who's become a close internet friends : @CUZiCAN Bitch we will kick ass in GGD when we come back from out ban, only to get banned again in a week cause shitty rules I love all of you, and I'm thankful I made an account here I'm quite emotional right now cause reasons but I truly mean all my words Let's continue being messy for another few years k? also, sorry if i forgot someone, remind me and ill tag you k? also, 1000 reps at The Fame's anniversary YAAAAAAAAASSSS
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    Okay updated verison. top friendz: @Oh My Gaga @The Roof @Ray of Light @P!nk Friendz @kipperskipper @CUZiCAN @Cyrus @MSL @Narcotic Others i adore: @Rumors @Bloody Mary Returns @Harmonia @robi @Sokka @Ms. Knee @Jenna @Dirkje @life13swift @Nacht @Kylie Minogue@KarenFromFinance @badgallaura@IsThatSaraS @TeamCardiB If i missed any sorry.
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    :zarawtf: @Kylie Minogue @badgallaura @ACT2 @Jenna @life13swift @Sokka @AngryAzalean @Bloody Mary Returns @P!nk@Khris @Moebius @Human Nature @justcatchmedemi @tragicgabriel @Sempiternal @Narcotic @Nacht @Rumors @The Roof @kipperskipper We can do that justice for european pop girls @bee
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    Like this so we can get another Lana gif!!! @Khris @Moebius @Human Nature @All Neon Like @CarlySlayJepsen @Sempiternal @lanadel @Miss Daisy Chains @Harmonia @HAIM @Cyrus
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    my fellow gays get this liked up @Khris @Moebius @Klink @life13swift @Human Nature @All Neon Like @daydreamin @justcatchmedemi @tragicgabriel @Sempiternal If this gif doesn't make it this site is homophobic
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    :ExplainGa: Discovered By Me Cropped By @Khris Dont Make Me Flop! @Bloody Mary Returns @badgallaura @CUZiCAN @Jenna @life13swift @Sokka @IsThatSaraS @AngryAzalean @P!nk@Khris @Moebius @Klink @Human Nature @justcatchmedemi @tragicgabriel @Sempiternal @Narcotic @Nacht @Rumors @The Roof @kipperskipper
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    I only want this one emoji (if i cant ill just copy and paste it and put up with it)
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    We need this! :fad: @TeamCardiB you know what to do
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    okay but let's celebrate Madge's birthday by adding this emote amirite my fossils :cheers:
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    hello ladies, I just leave this here and go. :curega: My good ol' GGD sistren @Moebius and @ACT2 know the teaoctober 5 I'm coming for you Harpoon
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    why is it so tiny though Make it happen biatchez Calling my sistren : @badgallaura @Human Nature @kipperskipper @lanadel @CUZiCAN @ACT2 @Jenna @life13swift @All Neon Like @Big Time Sensuality @naughty bleta bitch i cant find u @Sokka @daydreamin @IsThatSaraS @KarenFromFinance @AngryAzalean @Bloody Mary Returns @P!nk and others I may havve forgotten, lez do it!
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    the emote in your example is 80x80 so I made this one 80x80 :trinity: ->
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    alright girls we need a natalia emote and i know everyone loves this gif so let's get this done
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    Please, we need more than one Taylor reaction, look how versatile this one is! @life13swift @Nacht @Farrah Fawcett
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    I've made my decision. Bring back my girls! Welcome back ladie's, I've made my decisions. If I call your name, step forward! Condragulations! You are all safe. You may leave the runway. P!nk @IsThatSaraS @KarenFromFinance @The Roof @Nacht @life13swift @Godney @Sempiternal @Ms. Knee @chaneloberlin@fenty @Cyrus @Jenna @Rumors @Oh My Gaga@life13swift
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    duplicate accounts give six WP's, guess today's your lucky day.
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    In a random order @Kylie Minogue @badgallaura @Godney @life13swift @CUZiCAN @QueenOfCrop @Rumors (Even if we fight about Xtina and Brit) @Sokka @kipperskipper @P!nk @TheBritArmys @Cyrus And I probably left a few out..sorry
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    Because Pentatonix was #1. Can't you read?
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    Is this what you want to be remembered as sweeties? The girls who taught this generation how to booty pop? LMAO the STANDARDS
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    OfFishial scores!! Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Acrobitch @P!nk: 29.5 Lady Jean @Nacht:29 Kissa Biscuit @Godney: 28 Marvy Lous @fenty: 27 Karen From Finance @KarenFromFinance: 25.5 BadGalRiRi @The Roof: 24 Tatianna @Ms. Knee Amanda Lepore: @life13swift: 22 Shadow Shay @Sempiternal: 20 Chanel Oberlin @chaneloberlin: 19 Manuela @Cyrus: 17 Rapunzel @Jenna: 13.5 Total: P!nk @IsThatSaraS @KarenFromFinance @The Roof @Nacht @life13swift @Godney @Sempiternal @Ms. Knee @chaneloberlin@fenty @Cyrus @Jenna @Rumors @Oh My Gaga@life13swift
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    Drag Star Wars: Episode 3-RUvenge of the Sis Well it looks like there are only 12 of you! One dozen drag queens! Condragulations Rapunzel @Jenna for winning 2 competitions in a row! These other bitches must hate you! Anyways, last night I was under the stars and I saw Big Dipper. It was beautiful and big! But it reminded me that there is a constellation named Big Dipper! I was instantly inspired! Category is...StarGAYzing! Gayliens, I want you to reach for the stars! What do you think drag will look like in the future or in another galaxy! For this challenge, queens must give their best space-themed look! Your looks can be inspired by stars, space, planets, aliens, futuristic fashion, or anything that's out of this world! Also, send me a description of your outfit, like what are you serving, why you chose it etc. Players must pm me their runway look so the judges and I can score you! If you have any questions in regards to the category or need help, please pm me! Well I got a new telescope, and I want to try it out with the Pit Crew, if you know what I mean. Gentlemen, start your engines and may the best woman win! The Lip Sync For Your Life song is: E.T. by Katy Perry Start thinking ahead for a performance, just in case you are in the bottom 2! When you are done writing it, send it ASAP! @P!nk @KarenFromFinance @The Roof @Nacht @life13swift @Godney @Sempiternal @Ms. Knee @chaneloberlin@fenty @Cyrus @Jenna @Rumors @CUZiCAN
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    Just got your IP, you're Selenator6, see ya again sweetie
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    Calls them slutty but makes out with Chad while she has a boyfriend at home
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    Category is... Who Is She? @Jenna- Rapunzel This look sums up Rapunzel's style & is considered a very good introduction from her to the judges and other contestants, the heels, head piece, dress, everything about it SCREAMS avant garde which is exactly what Rapunzels style is about Ru: This look caught me off avant- garde! Ru: she gives good head-piece CIC: Michelle: So THAT'S where my donated sheets to Goodwill went. P!nk @IsThatSaraS @KarenFromFinance @The Roof @Nacht @life13swift @Godney @Sempiternal @Ms. Knee @chaneloberlin@fenty @Cyrus @Jenna @Rumors @Oh My Gaga
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    @P!nk @IsThatSaraS @KarenFromFinance @The Roof @Nacht @life13swift @Godney @Sempiternal @Ms. Knee @chaneloberlin@fenty @Cyrus @Jenna @Oh My Gaga The judges are officially Ruviewing your looks! stay tuned for the runway and results!!
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    stop making threads about demi lovato just to get a rise out of people, it's old now.