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    Okay, so I came up with the idea with @Ms. Knee, that I believe he has told ya'll (moderators) about it already in your respective area, and I thought it's best if I also make a post to shed some light on the suggestion. A role-playing area would basically be a universe of its own, where people get to create an OC (original character) and control it. The character would have to be approved by role-playing moderators, as there are limitations on how a character can be made. For example, it has to have balanced strengths and weaknesses and its personality has to be elaborated and must have a clear history (their birth; how they grew up; what do they do in life; what do they wanted to grow up to be; their work/study and so on). There would be restrictions on how a character can't be perfect and how if they have superpowers (if we even create an RP based on magic anyways) they can't be extremely powerful whatsoever; Mary Sues. The theme of the role-play hasn't really been thought of yet, but I'm sure #Mess Knee and I can come up with something if the idea gets a green light! As for my experience, I have plenty, as I've ran the biggest Winx Club roleplay with more than 200 members for so many years, and Mess Knee himself has over 8 years of experience, so we definitely have a precise understanding on how to make this work. If this idea will fly by, I asked Mess Knee if it's possible for me to be a Moderator for the RP area, which of course has to be an administrative decision, but I think he and I can do well. It's just that I don't want to suggest an idea and abandon it or continue to throw in ideas while watching others take care of them/twist them/improperly place them; I really want to be in charge of this project and nurture it as my baby with #Knee . Please upvote this post if you agree with the idea! We've reached our goal, but feel free to upvote to ensure we have the support of more people! Progress: 43!/30 @VIP @Members
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    Taylor Swift @life13swift - @HQzaynmalik - @AALIYAH DANA - @vendettaswift - @AyaTheSwiftie - @Swift, could you upvote this please? Also anyone else is invited to, I will vote back for yours!
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    We just NEED a Rihanna badge and ya'll know it . No forum would be complete without one! Upvote this post so it becomes a reality Look at these cute icons for some examples~ Here's an excellent image you can use! It's one of Riri's best.
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    sis we already know who deserves that badge demi slayvato edit: please use one of these pictures cause they’re the best of demi latina legend
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    Ariana Grande since the other one doesn't count
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    We need a stan badge for the Goddess of Pop haself! Kylie Minogue!
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    The one and only Lady Gaga
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    Miley Cyrus and please use my avatar as her icon
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    Kesha deserves one, please!
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    P!nk deserves +20 more upvotes
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    Thank you all for the wonderful times here on this forum, Thank you to Indie for the wonderful opportunity he gave me, and for being a great admin of course. And thank you to the old COP Legends (you all know who you are) for always having my back and being there and doing THAT all the time. Thank you to all the new COP legends who I befriended and grew to love You guys joining really made this forum a success! Also thank you to @laracroftonline for being wonderful as the other admin! I know it was sudden that I'm leaving, but I had already let Indie know prior, but was sent on break instead to see if I felt any different. Unfortunately, i didn't, so I have to say goodbye. Ive been facing a lot of personal struggles, and it hasn't gotten any easier yet, though I'm trying. I'm sad to go, because this place was always a home to me, but my own stuff needs to be taken care of first. So to the trolls, please stop trying to destroy and defame this forum, because some of us actually needed it at a time of pure darkness. The people here are wonderful, and if you opened your eyes and stopped being blinded by hate and childish like tendencies, maybe you'd see that too. No, there was never favoritism, nobody is homophobic (except for rose [queue laugh track from drag race]) and there's no reason to be so hateful. To everyone else, I love you all, and thank you for making this a great experience for me. I love you all, and I hope I can come back in the future! I fought this depression once and locked it away for 6 months.. I can do it again. I'll try and update if I ever can! Take care, COP Legends. And.. y'know, take care of the forum. Love you all, 'til the end of time xx - Rumors/Stars are Blind/Paris Hilton.
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    With more than 5 hours left in the tracking week, we've already surpassed our best posting week ever and we currently stand at 15, 528 posts and counting for the tracking week As you can see in the graph below, we've had a re-surgence in the site two weeks ago after a full month of week on week declines. When we launched the site we had a lot of front loaded promo and then nothing for the last two months so there wasn't many newbies and i suspect people felt the site was getting stale but we were also dealing with teething issues (trolls causing drama; members leaving as a result) and now these have all been dealt with and we have an incredible 10-strong mod team. We have also upped our promotion on social media and will continue this with the help of donations hopefully once a month. Now with the teething issues out of the way and the site reaching new heights, we'd like to continue the momentum and focus on delivering quality content such as updated chart statistics, new music release updates, celebrity news and of course minor updates for each artist in their stanbase so stans come back to the forum every day. If you would like to take it upon yourself to deliver the forum with something you are passionate about on a regular basis, you will help take us to new heights. This is a forum, not a one man blog so everyone's contributions are amazing! Thanks to our regular active members, the amazing mod team, my co-admin Manuela and the recent influx of active newbies! If you haven't started posting yet, then what's stopping you? Let us know below! @Members @Newbies @Moderators @VIP @VIP Verified @Administrators
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    Where is Madonna for fucks sake? Anyways, vote for music's creator, the one and only Queen of Pop. Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
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    Pop music is fun, colourful and playful. Why shouldn't the visuals of the show follow that? I honestly think more pop artists should pay as much attention to detail as Katy does.
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    We need a stan badge for Legend Mix!
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    It took me hours to finally finish these (It's 3am and I'm finna ) but here, ladies, gentlemen and everything in between, are the submissions for the COP Awards (Halloween Edition). Some have been removed because they weren't eligible (e.g. 'Best New Member' that joined over two months ago) or because threads were deleted/hidden but most were able to come through. Here they are: Category Spider Web Category Witch Hats: Category Pumpkins: Category Poison: Category Silver: Category Gold: Thank you to everybody that sent their submissions! Now, we may officially enter the nomination stage. From the submissions above, please nominate 1-3 options that you believe should be nominated. Every option that you vote for will gain one point. Any tie breakers will be resolved by a randomiser. The final nominations will be determined by the top five options with the most points. Please send these in to both Dirkje and I before October 11. Good luck! (Everyone tagged sent in their submissions)
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    We need a stan badge for the elusive chanteuse Mariah Carey!
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    Kelly Clarkson! OR THIS PIC!
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    Britney Spears, of course.
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    Sia, please, think of the children edit: i trust @#1DamekaStan to make a good icon choice
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    If there's one thing that bugs me it's threads that are copied from other pop forums and pasted here without any edits what so ever. From now on our @Moderators wil lock/wasteland any thread that is blatantly copied/pasted from other forums (minus news threads/chart updates which are obviously going to be pretty similar). If you do like a thread from ATRL for example that you want to bring here, then please change the thread title and the thread content so it's not a blatant copy. We're creating an empire here and we need all the original content we can get so please put a bit of effort or thought into threads and let's make this site the best it can be. Thanks everyone. x @Administrators
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    Also please upvote this for the queen of the Internet, Poppy! Her debut album Poppy.Computer is out tomorrow btw. @Ray of Light@R A D A R O U T S O L D@badgallaura@HQzaynmalik@Nacht@P!nk@AALIYAH DANA@Prism@NubianPower2798@Kylie Minogue@Female MJ
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    I know no one here likes her but I'd love to have a badge for Tove Lo please?
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    I know this one is a stretch but I'd DIE if I could get a Tori stan badge!!
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    Please like this one for Gwen
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    Nah fuck off, I know I am the only stan of her, but if we can have Denis then why we cant have Melanie?
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    Also please leave a like for the 00s icon Nelly Furtado @Nicki Minaj One more upvote
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    @Dirkje and I would like to officially announce that we'll be hosting the first official COP Awards since the relaunch! For aesthetic purposes, this one will be Halloween themed. This award show is dedicated to all the members of the forum and is a way for us to shine a light on the members that have impacted all of us throughout our time on this forum, both good and bad. There are six different categories of awards. The first one is category spider web. These awards will be handed out to our favourite and least favourite songs, albums and artists of the year. Outside of the throwback award, all albums/singles submitted must be released in 2017. Next up, we have category witch hats. This is specifically dedicated to stans on the forum. There are many different award categories dedicated to the artists with the most stans on the forum, as well as one for "Best Stan Of Other Artist" and two general categories. The third one is category pumpkins. These awards are meant to shine a light on the members we love the most, whether it be because they're hot, kind or have a great avatar. This one is category poison. Like the title suggests, it's where the trolls and banned members all get their time to shine. If you would not like to be nominated for a category poison award, please let us know (although we know some of you would be honoured). Category silver is very hard to win due to how broad the awards are. We may crown the "best member" based on their profile. A member must've joined the forum in September to be eligible for the "Best New Member" award. The last one is category gold, where we crown all the best emotes, the member of the year and the thread of the year (both in and out of the battlegrounds). Please only nominate threads outside of all the COP Related Boards and No Holds Barred (although a wastelanded thread would be considered). The submission stage has started right now. After going through all the award categories, please message (PM) both Dirkje and I with one or two people (including songs, albums, etc.) you think should be nominated. You may submit yourself, as long as you submit someone else as well. You may send your submissions for any awards of your choice. You do not have to go through all the categories. For the sake of copying and pasting awards, they've all been written in the spoiler below: Submissions are due on October the 2nd. The nomination stage will start on October 3, where we will announce all the submitted members (and artists) and you may choose 1-3 submissions that you believe should be nominated the most. All of your submissions will receive one point and the top five with the most points will all be nominated. You must get your nominees in before October 11. The voting stage will begin on October 12, which is when we'll announce the nominees and you may all vote for a final winner for each award. The show will take place on October 21 at 7pm EST. We will be announcing all the winners throughout the show and we will give you more info as to what is happening during the show later on but... For the actual show, we would like to show your creative works! It could be a performance of yourself uploaded to Youtube (or elsewhere), some artworks (Graphics, paintings, drawings, etc). Anything you'd like to show during the award show. We will show them like artists performing on real award shows! PM your work to Dirkje and I before October 12th. We hope to see you all participating and giving your favourite (and least favourite) members the credit they deserve. Love you! @Members @Moderators @Newbies @VIP @VIP Verified
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    Hey guys, I am new here so I decided to make an awkward introduction . I stan Kylie Minogue, Madonna, and Lana Del Rey among mainstream pop girls, although my fav music genres are probably deep house and trip-hop. I am also into Rock and Classical Music; and finally, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, and folk music are my absolute least favourite music genres. I actually learnt about COP from @R A D A R O U T S O L D's post on atrl, and it seemed like COP is much more alive so I decided to check it out So yes, I might be torturing you with my pathetic existence from now on
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    Help this get 20 upvotes Fiona Apple @Ray of Light@R A D A R O U T S O L D@badgallaura@HQzaynmalik@Nacht@P!nk@ @CUZiCAN@The Boy@Oh My Gaga@One Of A Kind@Sempiternal@justcatchmedemi @Kylie Minogue@AngryAzalean@Dangerous Woman@CarlySlayJepsen@
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    I upvoted a whole bunch of the ones suggested. I know I'm probably the only one who wants him, but I'm suggesting JT.
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    also can yall please upvote the queen of the piano underrated queen Alicia Keys
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    Can yall please upvote the kings of Alt Rock, they deserve a badge! COLDPLAY
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    Ellie Goulding deserves a badge!
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    also making a 2nd post for: Tinashe since someone beat me to Lana
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    The queen of music - Björk
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    God herself - Azealia Banks
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