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  2. CupcakKe is coming. Everyone be ready.
  3. What a great bonding moment, haha.
  4. Happy Birthday Demi Lovato

    Happy Birthday, Queen! Hope you have a great day! Please release the album soon. Love ya!
  5. Happy Birthday Demi Lovato

    Queen of throwing her own surprise birthday party.
  6. is your life a flop ???

    Kinda, can't find a job.
  7. Do you think Selena Gomez is going to last ?

    Yes, she will. The general public adores her, she isn't going anywhere.
  8. Now that I think about it I might like Red more than Speak Now.

    Changes my favorite albums to Red - Speak Now - 1989 - Fearless - Taylor Swift

  9. Do you think Selena Gomez is going to last ?

    But whenever she does put lots of input in it you are still not satisfied.
  10. is your life a flop ???

    same tho my grades are OK my friends are OK but my dating life and relationships are tanking harder than Witness and Lotus combined
  11. Is this Taylor Swift

  12. OMG if Zachary and Christine are in the video...my wig... She's lowkey so woke putting all these YouTubers in get them views sis
  13. Kesha

    Omg she looks like Shakira would have made the Tik Tok Video
  14. Let's not give up there's still hope
  15. Fergie | Double Dutchess | Pre-order: 8/25

    Who releases all those teases just to announce a pre-order date with no indication to when the album will drop? How do you expect fans, who have been waiting at least 11 years, to get excited?
  16. Social Media Usernames

    Twitter & curiouscat : @velvetgroupie Insta: @velveteendaisies (it's on private so please let me know ur usernames and I'll accept)
  17. Kesha

    Slay those who say youre fat girl.
  18. Demi's Supergroup

    Selena, Ariana, Dua Lipa and Camila. The world would be SHOOK
  19. Demi's Supergroup

    Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Taylor Swift A single from them would be #1 +30 wks tho
  20. Do you think Selena Gomez is going to last ?

    What? I like Britney and her music but I can't fully respect someone who puts zero effort into her performances.
  21. OMG this Uni is a disgrace..... tryna enrol online here and it's not working and no one's helping..... UGH.....

    1. AngryAzalean


      My worst nightmare omg gl

  22. Demi's Supergroup

    are you mad cause she didn't choose taylegend and selegend?
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