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  2. is it just me or has the forum been... inactive lately? :o 

  3. Would u date someone who drinks alcohol?

    I go to parties like at least every other weekend, and in my age, when ur 18, it's quite natural to drink socially with friends. I would and have dated people who drink alcohol, but I obviously could also date someone who doesn't. Someone I couldn't date is a person who frowns upon my drinking, meaning if you don't wanna drink then u do u baby girl, but I'm not gonna be at this party all night with ur judgy eyes every time I grab a new beer.
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    So it’s actually YT Red? Over
  5. Would u date someone who drinks alcohol?

  6. Would u date someone who drinks alcohol?

    I don't have an issue with drinking as long as it doesn't interfere with the relationship

    Britney covers Women's Health Magazine (photoshoot)
  8. Would you date someone who smokes weed?

    if they are an occasional smoker then yes, but like many ppl have said I can't deal with ppl who have to smoke daily. If they need some sort of extract from cannabis than I totally understand that for medical reasons, but like smoking a bowl every afternoon is a bit much, plus it makes your house/clothes smell
  9. Would u date someone who drinks alcohol?

    So I guess I'll be the weird one, but I only date ppl who drink really. I'm 27 and a teacher, literally everyone in my life drinks whether we have wine with dinner, or we go to a bar for trivia night and drink a few beers, or we are tailgating during the weekends. If I dated someone who didn't drink they would just be left out of a lot of my life and the events I go to with friends.
  10. Denis Stoff Meets Mariah Carey!

    Tbqh he isn't my type at all but he looks like he's packing
  11. Ill send nudes if ya help me back in Top 20 :wendy24:

  12. HELLO

    I dig ya username tho, welcome btw
  13. HELLO

    Welcome to COP
  14. HELLO

    Welcome, aboard.
  15. He can have me for breakfast
  16. Denis Stoff Meets Mariah Carey!

    Keen for the collab.
  17. Random Thoughts

    I don't wanna subscribe to youtube red just for demi's documentary
  18. HELLO

    So Britney Spears
  19. HELLO

    Welcome! Do you like Taylord Swift?
  20. HELLO

    Welcome...could you be more specific?
  21. HELLO

    Hi! I couldnt think of a username but oh well. I stan pretty much everything apart from Katy btw
  22. I loooove Bates Motel. Bought the whole series on dvd yesterday. I love the twist they did with the shower scene

    1. lanadel


      Where have you been?! Omg it feels like forever 

  23. Random Thoughts

    Only picture that has singer i hate and singer I love in one picture
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